Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting my website and for being interested in my work. 
My name is Dave and I’m originally from Glasgow, now based in Manchester. I am largely a self-taught artist who has recently, after years working for the NHS as a mental health nurse, taken my art work much more seriously and moved it from a long held hobby to front and centre of my life.  As such I am making  every effort to pay much more attention to the work I produce, the ideas and concepts behind the work and to take the job of being an artist with as much attention as I did to my nursing career. I'm really looking forward to seeing my work and it's exposure develop and I hope you can join my in this by checking back in from time to time to see what new paths I take.  
I’m pleased to say that I’ve recently been offered and taken up a place on the NewplatformArt Artist’s Development Programme (www.newplatform.art) a robust series of workshops, talks, advice and networking opportunities offered to early career artists  to support sustainable practice. I am hoping that as a result of throwing myself enthusiastically into all that it offers me that I’ll see my work develop and new opportunities arise. 
My website is in its infancy so please keep checking back and you’ll be able to see news and updates, more detail about each piece, I'll add in my back catalogue and you’ll be able to purchase most of my work and join the mailing list. Until such times as the website is fully functional, please contact me through my Instagram (button below) as I'd love to hear from you. Thank for your interest in my work and hope to hear from you soon

Dave x 
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