Dave is a Scottish artist living and working in Manchester. His current work explores themes of loss, memory, and recall while being strongly influenced by repetition and minimalism. Dave creates abstract drawings in ink but is increasingly bringing both his medium and aesthetic into printmaking. The starting point for Dave’s work is often a photograph of a forgotten significant moment recalled to memory through technology and which has evoked an emotive response. He also begins work through utilising the shapes, marks and lines discovered in found objects, forgotten technology and discarded personal item of strangers. He has always resisted bringing his long history of working in community mental health into his work but more recently is interested in exploring how abstract forms and drawings might evoke an emotional response in the viewer and thus how “subjectless” abstract art might influence mental state.
Thank you for your interest. It is very much appreciated.
Website will be significantly updated in April 2023
I value dialogue about my work; please get in touch if this interests you
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